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  1. 5. system that combines aspects of both capitalism and socialism
  2. 9. people's desire products as an expensive car or a new brand mobile phone
  3. 10. refines the raw materials from the primary sector
  4. 13. the separation of a work process into a number of tasks
  5. 14. the ability to change where capital is used or in which occupation
  6. 15. finite resources, unlimited wants, the main economic problem
  7. 18. the mental and physical abilities of the workforce
  8. 19. includes all those activities the end purpose of which consists in exploiting natural resources: agriculture, fishing, mining etc.
  9. 20. labour, land, entreprise, capital
  10. 21. working in a particular area
  1. 1. the ability to change where enterprise is used or in which occupation
  2. 2. any activity business entreprise in order to make a profit
  3. 3. products a person can't live without like: water, food etc.
  4. 4. the value of something when a particular course of action is chousen
  5. 6. basic products a consumer buys in order to survive
  6. 7. companies and corporations that are government run
  7. 8. limited resources and unlimited wants
  8. 11. covers a wide range of activities from commerce to administration, transport etc.
  9. 12. human made goods used in production
  10. 16. the range of services provided to the demand of consumers in order to satisfy
  11. 17. a person who bears the resks and makes the key decisions in a business
  12. 18. includes natural resources, such as mineral deposits, oil, natural gas, water etc.