1. 2. to grant a license too
  2. 5. the action or process of investing money for profit.
  3. 6. the enviroment where you have no control
  4. 9. a great way to advertise your product
  5. 11. An essentail skill for an entreprenour
  6. 12. an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
  7. 15. A protection of certain products
  8. 17. a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority.
  9. 18. The enviroment where you have complete control
  10. 19. a business needs to have ____ to be successful
  11. 20. Another essential quality for entreprenours
  1. 1. Entreprenours need to have a _____ Mindset
  2. 3. new thing that is needed to make a business
  3. 4. a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
  4. 7. The enviroment where you have minimal control
  5. 8. a subset of a population
  6. 10. someone who makes and launches new products
  7. 13. a group of people assembled to participate in a discussion about a product before it is launched, or to provide feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.
  8. 14. A protecting of ideas eg art/songs
  9. 16. a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  10. 21. the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a shop or warehouse and available for sale or distribution.