1. 6. being legally responsible for or owing something, such as a debt to a lender.
  2. 8. factors that impact a business in which there is scope for growth or development of the company in the future.
  3. 13. A single person who is the exclusive owner of a business. They are entitled to keep all profits, but are liable for all losses.
  4. 15. Industry such as mining and agriculture, concerned with obtaining and providing natural raw materials.
  5. 20. The process of setting up a company as a legal entity.
  6. 21. An amount of money lost by a business when expenses are higher than the amount of sales income.
  7. 22. industry involved in providing information to consumers and other businesses through research and technological advancements.
  1. 1. industry concerned with providing services to consumers, such as plumbing or hairdressing.
  2. 2. industry involved in working closely with governments to make economic and social decisions.
  3. 3. An organization set up to provide help to and raise money for those in need.
  4. 4. company a company whose shares are traded freely on the sharemarket.
  5. 5. a company owned by between 1 and 50 ‘shareholders’. Shares can’t be purchased by the public.
  6. 7. industry concerned with turning raw materials and resources into final products for consumers.
  7. 9. a non-government organization.
  8. 10. Money earnt / left over after all expenses have been paid for.
  9. 11. the legal framework by which a business is set up.
  10. 12. An organization carrying out commercial operations.
  11. 14. A single person with an idea for a product or business who takes on the risk of setting up a business with a goal of making profit.
  12. 16. legal rules or directives that companies must follow in their operations.
  13. 17. a document showing the assets, liabilities and amount held in shares equities of a business.
  14. 18. analysis examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business.
  15. 19. a business structure whereby 2 to 20 owners share profit and responsibility for losses for the business.