1. 7. Someone who sells a franchise for the sale of goods
  2. 8. the shareholder is responsible for all debts and loses
  3. 9. an assistance provided for a payment benefiting the wants of people
  4. 11. distribution of profits by a corporation to its shareholders.
  5. 14. uses the internet to sell products directly to customers
  6. 16. economic transactions are conducted within the geographical boundaries of the country
  7. 17. alliance arrangement between two companies to undertake a mutually beneficial project while retaining their separate independance
  8. 18. a person who runs a franchise organization under a contract
  9. 20. units of equity ownership in a coporation
  10. 21. The net value of property or assets after subtracting mortgage and liabilities
  1. 1. two parties join their resources together to achieve a specific goal benefiting both parties
  2. 2. the practice of outsourcing operations overseas
  3. 3. someone who takes risks by starting a new venture
  4. 4. person who owns shares in a corporation
  5. 5. the money available to pay its operations
  6. 6. a company operating in several countries
  7. 9. A business owned by one individual
  8. 10. Two or more individuals joint together
  9. 12. a business legally separate from it's owners
  10. 13. money that is owed or dued
  11. 15. the processing of raw materials into goods
  12. 19. Business owned by members who utilize the goods&services offered