1. 4. Addressing and interpreting the information gathered in an environmental scan
  2. 6. A formal written summary of a business and/or financial security provided to potential investors
  3. 9. A business owned and managed by one person is known as this
  4. 10. A written agreement between two or more people identifying how the partners will add capital, labor or other assets and divide the profits
  5. 13. A group of elected or appointed people who oversee activities of an organization; publicly traded companies must have one of these; an abbreviation
  6. 15. An advantage that your business has over competitors that puts your business AHEAD of competitors
  7. 16. A share of a corporation’s profits distributed to shareholders
  8. 18. Things that a firm does extremely well, which SOMETIMES give it an advantage over competition
  9. 22. The name given to an owner/operator of a business
  10. 23. A general share of ownership in a company; 1 of 2 types of stocks we discussed; typically includes voting rights for the board of directors
  1. 1. An official document through which a state grants the power to operate as a corporation
  2. 2. A person or business to which money is owed is known as this
  3. 3. Business that is legally considered an entity separate from its owners and is liable for all of its own debts; owners have limited liability
  4. 5. Analysis of outside influences that may have an impact on an organization
  5. 7. An assessment of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that surround it
  6. 8. One type of partnership where two or more owners who share operations and financial responsibility for a firm; all owners have unlimited liability
  7. 11. Legally defined type of business ownership in which at least two individuals share management, profits and responsibility for running a business; we discussed two specific variants of this form of business ownership
  8. 12. One type of partnership; involves at least one managing partner and one limited partner; typically one managing partner urns the business day-to-day and has unlimited liability
  9. 14. The name given to the partner who runs the business day-to-day in a limited partnership; he/she has unlimited liability
  10. 17. A share of ownership in a company
  11. 19. A corporation that offers its shares of stock for public sale; 1 of 2 types of corporations we discussed
  12. 20. Another name given to an owner of stock
  13. 21. A corporation that does not offer its shares of stock to the public for purchase