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  1. 4. larger businesses are likely to employ much more capital than smaller ones
  2. 6. right to a corporation's residual profits
  3. 7. additional amount paid to workers for good work
  4. 13. good or service which is essential
  5. 14. group of individuals who work together to exert an influence
  6. 17. the amount a business earns from the sale of its products.
  7. 18. business system
  8. 21. the resources needed to produce goods and services:land ,labour,capital,and enterprise.
  9. 22. a reward,cash or otherwise, that a company gives to its shareholders
  10. 26. larger firms have larger workforce employed
  11. 27. for the work done by the employees.
  12. 29. two or more people working together
  13. 30. the production and supply of goods to the final consumer
  1. 1. an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan
  2. 2. good or service not essential
  3. 3. not enough good and services
  4. 5. larger firms are likely to produce more than smaller ones
  5. 8. they are also employees but managers control the work of others.
  6. 9. states all the right and responsibilities to and of the employees.
  7. 10. supply a service to consumers and other businesses.
  8. 11. new or small firms usually have survival as a primary objective.
  9. 12. self-employed person who owns and runs their business
  10. 15. person who owns shares
  11. 16. paid monthly
  12. 19. shares in the firm are given to employees
  13. 20. share the percent of total sales in an industry generated by a particular
  14. 23. the process of producing goods and services to satisfy consumer demand.
  15. 24. the part of the economy that is controlled
  16. 25. business formed by more then 2 people
  17. 28. involves the extraction of natural resources