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  1. 3. An item that is sold for cheap value that will be discontinued
  2. 6. A competitive scenario with a possible prize
  3. 8. Something in the business setting that will be considered to maybe make a change
  4. 9. The foundation of trying to start a business and expand it as well
  5. 12. A message/communication with others that would use that product
  6. 13. An advertising form that is in your possession by way of physical print
  7. 17. A set amount of money that must be paid to get a product
  8. 18. Someone/thing that intends to give assistance to others in need
  9. 19. advertising that people are exposed to outside of their homes and not online
  10. 20. A slip/code that give you a discount on items
  11. 21. A partial refund to someone who has overpaid on a bill(s)
  1. 1. Something that happens in a business scenario that is used to promote the business
  2. 2. The act or fact of being raised in position or ranking
  3. 4. The face of the brand/representation of the business An organization involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activities
  4. 5. Advertisements that are found on other websites that show sponsors
  5. 7. A shorter sentence/phrase chose by someone to follow and to not break, guiding their beliefs/ideas
  6. 10. Advertisements that you can listen to in some way/shape/form
  7. 11. The location in which products are sold
  8. 14. The character that is a representation of the logo.
  9. 15. The thing that is being sold to the customers
  10. 16. A group or single individual that buys or consumes from the product