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  1. 4. What does the O stand for in POCCC
  2. 6. ???? Linked structure
  3. 7. Leadership style where employees are given freedom
  4. 9. In handy shamrock structure what team stays in the business
  5. 11. The process of assessing the effectivness of an employee judged against pre-set objectives
  6. 17. Who created a hierarchy of needs
  7. 18. Management vs.
  8. 21. What is the most dictatorship like organizational structure
  1. 1. Who described the 10 roles that leaders should have in order to be successful
  2. 2. Managers make decisions on behalf of the team
  3. 3. A business unit or department in a business for which both revenues and expenses are recorded
  4. 5. ‘Brain exercises’
  5. 8. Extent to which people are willing and able to move to new geographical locations for work
  6. 10. What does the p in POCCC stand for
  7. 12. The part of the business that does not produce direct profit and adds to the cost of running a company
  8. 13. When there is a tall structure, how big is the span of control
  9. 14. Symbolic leader
  10. 15. Good leaders shouldn’t lie, they should be
  11. 16. When the business can delelgate tasks elsewhere
  12. 19. The levels in the business
  13. 20. What is the third factor of intrinsic motivation: mastery, purpose, ???