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  1. 1. when the price and quantity satisfies both the producer and consumer
  2. 5. when businesses rely on other businesses
  3. 6. a good that is not essential for survival
  4. 9. only doing a small portion of the overall process but doing it well
  5. 10. when the company has an increase in demand and has a steady increase in profit, demand, and employment
  6. 12. a good that helps the production of another good and allows the process to be more efficient
  7. 13. A service or sale of goods that aims to make a profit from their earnings
  8. 14. someone who sells a product or good
  9. 15. something that provides natural resources
  10. 16. the stock of an item/good
  11. 18. goods that can be used together
  12. 19. the rise of price in goods and services over a period of time
  13. 21. a product or good that is so outdated that no consumers want it anymore
  14. 22. the willingness to want to purchase a good or service
  1. 2. when one will come up with a unique idea or thought that no one has seen before
  2. 3. when the demand of the business decreases
  3. 4. when the business is having an increase in profit, demand, and employment
  4. 7. an action that a consumer will pay for
  5. 8. passed on from generations and does things that have been done in the past
  6. 9. goods that are essentially the same thing and can replace the other
  7. 11. someone who buys goods or services
  8. 17. how much money the business is gaining
  9. 20. a physical item/product that consumers can buy