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Health Information Management

  1. 4. Analysis of diseased body tissue that has been sent for testing
  2. 8. Method of organizing a medical record in which all information pertaining to one specific problem are grouped together
  3. 11. Portion of a medical report describing recommended treatment
  4. 13. Process in which a patient's record is reviewed to make sure that all necessary components are included in the chart
  5. 14. Abbreviation for a document that specifies what medical information is to be released
  6. 15. The top sheet in the patient's medical file containing demographic information
  7. 16. Method that involves breaking a chart number into a series of groups and filing within each group
  8. 18. Information regarding a patient's visits to the doctor
  9. 20. Documenting patient visits in a chart note
  10. 21. Detailed account of a patient's surgical procedure
  11. 22. System that reminds an assistant to perform a certain activity at a certain time
  12. 23. Plastic envelope with pockets used to mark place from which a medical record was removed
  1. 1. Questionnaire detailing a patient's past illness or treatment
  2. 2. Results of a patient's radiologic study
  3. 3. Portion of the chart notes that documents information received from the patient
  4. 5. Documented results from a laboratory test
  5. 6. Abbreviation for related information grouped together in a patient's medical record
  6. 7. Reversing the order of digits within a number
  7. 9. Typewritten medical report from a physician for a patient's file
  8. 10. Portion of a chart note where the results of a patient's physical is documented
  9. 12. if used for educational purposes all identifying information is removed
  10. 17. Alphabetical system of filing medical records
  11. 19. This method is used to save space in a patient's chart