1. 2. When your sales are greater than the costs to run your business.
  2. 5. A process where someone contributes money into something to gain more money or material result.
  3. 8. A company or group that is authorized to act together as one.
  4. 10. When you investigate or check something systematically.
  5. 11. A business that requires two people.
  6. 13. The ability to advertise your product or service through creative and innovative ideas.
  7. 16. A business that provides banking services for profit.
  8. 17. A business enterprise in which the expectation of gain is accompanied by the risk of loss or failure.
  9. 18. Are the claims against the assets of the creditors.
  1. 1. A _________ protects certain things for 50 years after the author's death.
  2. 2. Some people work full time and others work ________.
  3. 3. Employee's setup a home office for them to __________.
  4. 4. A person who takes the risk of turning opportunity into profit.
  5. 6. A function that is provided by a business for a consumer.
  6. 7. Business/Organization that is engaged in competition with others.
  7. 9. A business organization.
  8. 12. Being able to develop business relationships by interacting with them.
  9. 14. An individual or firm that will give start up money in exchange for shares or ownership.
  10. 15. Register Retirement Savings Plan, used to save for retirement.
  11. 19. Resources owned by a business