1. 3. effort to bond members of a team
  2. 5. and information in order to achieve sound decisions and results
  3. 6. of Contents outline or list of available chapters and sections in a book or manual
  4. 7. personality trait causing people to be overly energetic and forceful with their opinions and requests
  5. 10. list of terms and definitions used in a book
  6. 11. Goals goals set for less than one year
  7. 17. Communication voice messages
  8. 18. business which sells directly to the consumer
  9. 19. Skills skills needed to locate, analyze and present information
  10. 20. person who is more comfortable with his or her own thoughts and feelings
  11. 21. unsolicited commercial e-mail
  12. 23. Process thought process which leads to an
  13. 24. business which has the right to sell another business’s name or product
  14. 26. Skills ability to examine something by separating it into parts and studying its relationships and influences
  15. 29. personality trait causing people to express their opinions without offending others
  16. 31. e-mail falsely claiming to be an established legitimate business
  17. 32. quality of a person allowing them to guide, direct or influence people
  18. 36. Thinking process of investigating and assessing
  19. 37. (or inaction) by considering alternative options
  20. 38. practices and decision making in business
  1. 1. Space space allowed between two or more people
  2. 2. person who enjoys sharing thoughts and ideas with others
  3. 4. mental position one possesses with regard to a fact, issue or belief
  4. 8. person who organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a
  5. 9. people who work together Passive-Aggressive personality trait causing people to suppress their feelings
  6. 12. business which sells to another business instead of to consumers
  7. 13. unauthorized use of information
  8. 14. Goals goals set for one year or more
  9. 15. large business having a more complex business structure which is
  10. 16. Proprietorship simplest type of business organization, simple to form and operate and
  11. 22. two or more individual business owners
  12. 25. section of supplemental materials or additional references
  13. 27. enjoy greater flexibility of management
  14. 28. moral rules and values governing the conduct of a person or group
  15. 30. database which allows one to locate a specific author, title or subject
  16. 33. or simulations referring to
  17. 34. typing a message in all capital letters
  18. 35. traded in the market