1. 5. general direction in the process of change
  2. 6. an action or event marking a signifigant change in development
  3. 8. owns overall rights and trademarks of the company
  4. 10. a change over that time keeps increasing is the _____ trend
  5. 11. something you'd like to have, but not essential
  6. 12. a financial establishment that invests money when deposited by customers
  7. 13. making the company smaller by taking away staff positions
  8. 16. a product/service with a very short lifecycle
  9. 17. a stock or supply of money,materials, and other assets
  10. 20. companies or institutions coming together/combining
  1. 1. proceeds after the capital/investments are paid off
  2. 2. carefully predict the future based on analysis of the past
  3. 3. the study of the characteristcs of a population
  4. 4. a person who predicts the future based on observed trends
  5. 7. an agreement that purchases rights to a business
  6. 9. somebody risks something in hopes for a profit
  7. 14. something that essential to your life
  8. 15. results of achievement towards where the efforts were directed
  9. 18. cicumstances that help progress or advancement is call a _____stone
  10. 19. classification of an investor profile, an outlined view