1. 4. any form of communication to convince the public to buy products
  2. 6. films or products that are popular year after year
  3. 10. pricing based on consumer perception
  4. 11. payment material that's been copyrighted
  5. 12. selling all goods in a product line at specific price points the percent of total sales of all companies that sell the same type of product
  6. 14. percentage of total sales of all companies that sell the same type of product
  7. 15. changing a products image in relation to a competitors
  8. 17. unauthorized use of copy righted material
  9. 19. total assortment of products that a company makes and sells
  10. 20. previews of upcoming movies shown before the main feature
  1. 1. the variety of promotional activity and materials that complement and support the advertising effort
  2. 2. process of developing, promoting and distributing products
  3. 3. involves producing and marketing a product
  4. 5. statistics that describe a population
  5. 7. study of the choices and decisions that affect making, distributing and using goods and services
  6. 8. a pattern, habit or tendency following a general course
  7. 9. gross income
  8. 13. legal protection of a creator's intellectual property of products
  9. 16. support of a product or idea
  10. 18. collection of numerical data that can be compared, analyzed and interpreted