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  1. 2. Making as much profit as possible in a given time period
  2. 5. Areas of land which were once used for urban development
  3. 7. People's desires for goods and services
  4. 8. A business owned by between 2 and 20 people
  5. 11. Appointing workers from outside the business
  6. 13. The growing integration of the world's economies
  7. 14. An individual who organizes the other factors of production and risks their own money in a business venture
  8. 17. The production of services in the economy
  9. 19. Physical products like a mobile phone or a pair of shoes
  1. 1. An individual or group with an interest in the operation of business
  2. 2. A personal profile of the type of person needed to do a particular job
  3. 3. In business, the production of a limited range of goods
  4. 4. The goals or targets set by a business
  5. 6. A business organisation which has a separate legal identity from its owner
  6. 9. Where the owner of a business is personally liable for all business depts
  7. 10. A market for shares in PLCs
  8. 12. Where a business allows another operator to trade under their name
  9. 15. The transformation of resources into goods and services
  10. 16. Goods and services produced by one business for another
  11. 18. Non-physical products like banking,car washing and work disposal