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  1. 1. to treat something or someone very badly
  2. 6. the date when a project has to be finished
  3. 8. to stop working correctly; to get out of control
  4. 9. to get information that was stored on a computer
  5. 11. schedule of appointments
  6. 12. to say good things about what someone has done
  7. 13. a plan for what will be discussed during a meeting, and in what order
  8. 14. to make something work again after it has been broken
  9. 17. an increase in one’s salary
  10. 19. to verify something is correct or true after checking to make sure
  11. 20. pile a vertical (up and down) group of things that are placed on top of each other
  12. 21. information and facts, often in numbers
  1. 2. something or someone who is better than everything else
  2. 3. to examine something carefully trying to understand it by looking at each part in detail
  3. 4. to organize and remove things from a table, desk, or other surface
  4. 5. something that is said or written so that one does not forget
  5. 7. to stop responding, especially in a computer
  6. 10. positive or negative comments given in reaction to something that one has presented or done
  7. 14. to change the way that text looks
  8. 15. available; not busy; not occupied
  9. 16. a company that sells a product or service to other companies
  10. 18. to get stuck
  11. 20. to read something quickly, looking for the most important ideas