BYU Chemistry Crossword

  1. 2. Standard unit of atomic measurement
  2. 3. This compound makes fire burn pink
  3. 6. the father of modern chemistry
  4. 10. The field of chemistry devoted to obtaining and processing data about material composition and structure
  5. 13. BYU's annual chemistry summer camp for kids
  6. 14. The first name of our department's Dean
  7. 15. The name of the BYU Chemistry Department's annual magazine
  1. 1. the filtration of fluids through porous materials
  2. 4. a substance that contains no water
  3. 5. This element makes fireworks burn blue
  4. 7. an essential lab instrument that burns gas
  5. 8. The relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ratio of whole integers.
  6. 9. the chemistry of living organisms
  7. 11. Element with the symbol Lr, used only for testing in labs
  8. 12. *insert name* Center for Cancer Research