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C1-C2 Language vocabulary crossword

  1. 5. A short statement that expresses someone’s aims or principles
  2. 8. The meaning of words and phrases and of what people intend to say
  3. 9. Something that someone says that is brief, clever, and amusing
  4. 11. A form of a language that ordinary people use, especially one that is not the official language
  5. 12. To pronounce a word wrongly
  6. 14. A type of printing that blind people can read by touching the page
  7. 16. The skill of speaking clearly and correctly
  8. 17. A word or phrase from a particular area of activity which is fashionable because people think it refers to something important
  9. 18. A well-known phrase that says something wise about life
  10. 19. A short phrase that is well known because a famous person often uses it
  11. 20. A swear word
  1. 1. A word or phrase that is used to avoid saying something shocking or embarrassing
  2. 2. The study of the morphemes of a language and of the way in which they are joined together to make words
  3. 3. An expression that describes something by comparing it with something else using the word ‘like’ or ‘as’, for example ‘as red as blood’
  4. 4. A phrase that does not have much meaning because it has been used so often
  5. 6. A short well-known sentence that tells you something about life, such as ‘Many hands make light work’
  6. 7. A writing system that uses pictures to represent ideas
  7. 10. In a way that relates to etymology
  8. 12. A phrase that gives advice on sensible behaviour
  9. 13. Using or containing slang
  10. 15. A joke that is funny because it uses two words that sound the same but have different meanings