C2 Poverty crossword

  1. 6. adjective in bad health due to lack of food
  2. 7. a person who has no permanent home
  3. 8. the lack of food during a long period of time
  4. 9. the crime of asking for money or food
  5. 10. an area in or near a town where poor people live
  6. 11. a person who rents properties in bad conditions for very high prices
  7. 12. ask for money or food, especially in the street
  8. 13. to make somebody poor
  9. 14. an area of a town that is very poor and where the homes are in very poor conditions
  1. 1. a poor area near, or in a Brazilian city with many houses that are close together
  2. 2. a situation that is difficult and unpleasant. Fist letter 'h'
  3. 3. the country was in the grip of an economic___
  4. 4. synonym of penniless, destitute. Begins with 'p'
  5. 5. a disease that is caused by a lack of food. Fist letter 'p'
  6. 7. the condition of being without money or having basic needs covered