1. 2. A small house in the woods.
  2. 5. A place to sleep that needs to be put together.
  3. 6. A location that most people camp in.
  4. 8. A snack you might roast by the fire.
  5. 9. A site where people are allowed to set up their tents.
  6. 11. A warm bag that you will use at night.
  7. 14. A tool that helps you navigate.
  8. 15. What you might bring with you to keep bugs away.
  1. 1. What you use to keep warm.
  2. 3. Things you might get bit by while camping.
  3. 4. What you see when you look up at the night sky.
  4. 7. Going for a long walk in the woods.
  5. 10. A tool you need to see in the dark.
  6. 12. A bag you keep on your bag to store items.
  7. 13. A large animal someone might see while camping.