1. 3. it will tell you what direction you are going
  2. 9. you can make these over the fire, so yummy!
  3. 11. don't forget this or sleeping in your tent won't be very comfortable
  4. 12. you can make this if you get really cold
  5. 13. if you want to go swimming in the lake you will need this
  6. 16. the sun always rises in the
  7. 17. you need this to sleep in while your camping
  8. 18. if you ever get lost in the woods, this will help find your way back if you know your directions
  1. 1. you can never have enough of these, they will safe you if your flashlight stops working
  2. 2. be sure to tie your food really high in a tree to avoid this animal eating it
  3. 3. sometimes we sit around the fire and sing
  4. 4. you should bring this incase you need to go to the bathroom during the night
  5. 5. an activity for the family experience life in the wild
  6. 6. the sun always sets in the
  7. 7. two people work together to move the ... across the lake
  8. 8. be sure to bring many gallons of this to stay hydrated
  9. 10. don't leave your garbage on the floor when you leave the camp grounds, that's ...!
  10. 13. this will protect you from mosquito bites.
  11. 14. need this to protect your head from the sun
  12. 15. need this to protect your skin for the sun