1. 5. A narrow boat with pointed ends, typically propelled by paddling. Canoes are used for recreational activities like boating and exploring waterways during camping.
  2. 6. A waterproof coat worn to protect against rain. It is essential to have a raincoat during camping to stay dry during wet weather.
  3. 10. A controlled fire used for cooking, warmth, and socializing while camping. It is usually built in a pit or designated area.
  4. 11. Animals and plants that live in their natural habitats. Camping often offers opportunities to observe and appreciate various forms of wildlife.
  5. 14. The activity of taking long walks or treks, usually in natural environments, often done during camping trips to explore the surroundings.
  6. 15. A portable light source used for illumination during camping. It can be fueled by gas, battery, or electricity.
  1. 1. A soft, sweet confectionery often roasted over a campfire. It is commonly used to make s'm
  2. 2. A navigational tool that indicates the direction of the magnetic north. It helps campers find their way and navigate through unfamiliar areas.
  3. 3. A portable shelter made of fabric and supported by poles. It provides a place to sleep and stay protected from the weather while camping.
  4. 4. A bag worn on the back for carrying clothes, food, and other essential items during camping trips.
  5. 7. A marked path or route for walking or hiking. Trails are used for exploring nature and reaching scenic spots during camping trips.
  6. 8. A large, insulated bag used for sleeping while camping. It provides warmth and comfort during the night.
  7. 9. A meal eaten outdoors, often in a natural setting, like a park or campground. People enjoy picnics during camping trips as a way to relax and enjoy nature.
  8. 12. The activity of catching fish using a fishing rod, line, and bait. Many people enjoy fishing as part of their camping experience.
  9. 13. The initial medical assistance given to an injured person. A well-stocked first aid kit is essential during camping to handle minor injuries and ailments.