1. 6. A bag worn on the back for carrying camping essentials.
  2. 7. The natural world and its elements, including plants, animals, and landscapes.
  3. 8. A portable light source used for illuminating the campsite at night.
  4. 9. Bag A portable insulated bag for sleeping in during camping trips.
  5. 10. Exciting and daring experiences, like those encountered during camping trips.
  6. 12. A portable shelter made of fabric and poles.
  7. 14. Preparing meals over a campfire using pots, pans, or skewers.
  8. 15. Trying to catch fish using a fishing rod, line, and bait.
  9. 16. Animals and plants living in their natural habitats.
  1. 1. A designated area with facilities for camping, such as toilets and picnic tables.
  2. 2. An outdoor fire used for cooking, warmth, and socializing.
  3. 3. A soft, sweet treat often roasted over a campfire.
  4. 4. Singing songs around the campfire for entertainment and to create a fun atmosphere.
  5. 5. A marked path or route for hiking or walking in nature.
  6. 11. A designated area where people can set up their tents and camp.
  7. 13. Walking in nature for enjoyment and exploration.