1. 4. A navigational tool that helps determine direction using a magnetic needle that points to the north.
  2. 5. An outdoor meal enjoyed on a blanket or at a table in a scenic spot during camping.
  3. 7. A controlled fire made outdoors during camping, usually for cooking food, providing warmth, and gathering.
  4. 8. A designated area in nature where people set up tents and camp for a period of time.
  5. 9. A bag worn on the back to carry essential items during camping trips.
  6. 11. A portable light source used to illuminate the camping area at night.
  7. 13. Walking or trekking in nature, usually on trails or in the wilderness, as part of a camping adventure.
  8. 15. A cozy insulated bag used for sleeping in while camping.
  9. 16. A portable shelter made of fabric and poles that people use for sleeping and resting while camping.
  1. 1. A soft and sweet treat that is often roasted over a campfire and eaten as a snack.
  2. 2. An exciting and daring experience, like exploring new places and facing challenges while camping.
  3. 3. Hiking and camping while carrying all necessary gear and supplies in a backpack.
  4. 6. The activity of catching fish using a fishing rod, reel, and bait.
  5. 10. The process of preparing meals using a stove, campfire, or portable grill while camping.
  6. 12. The natural world around us, including plants, animals, mountains, rivers, and forests.
  7. 14. A narrow boat pointed at both ends that is propelled by paddles, used for exploring lakes and rivers while camping.