1. 2. Easily carried or moved, suitable for outdoor activities.
  2. 6. An outdoor fire built at a campsite for warmth, cooking, or enjoyment.
  3. 7. A temporary shelter made of fabric and poles, used for camping.
  4. 10. To make bread brown and crisp by placing it near a campfire or heat source.
  5. 11. To propel a small, narrow boat with double-bladed oars.
  6. 13. A wearable light source that you wear on your head for hands-free use.
  7. 14. An outdoor recreational activity where people set up temporary shelters in nature.
  8. 15. To walk in nature for pleasure, exercise, or exploration.
  1. 1. To observe the stars at night while camping outdoors.
  2. 3. A navigational tool used to find directions when outdoors.
  3. 4. To pursue and capture wildlife for food or sport.
  4. 5. A portable light source used to illuminate the camping area.
  5. 8. A long, strong cord made of fibers, used for various purposes in camping.
  6. 9. A designated area where campers can set up their tents and stay overnight.
  7. 12. A suspended bed made of fabric or netting, used for resting outdoors.