1. 3. What campers gather around to get warm, sing + chat, also to cook meals
  2. 5. A fuel used for camp stoves and lanterns
  3. 7. A cast iron cooking pot that you cook with outdoors over charcoal.
  4. 8. It simply means that you should clean up your campsite before you leave
  5. 9. A place where kids go to enjoy supervised recreation
  6. 12. An insulating cushion used beneath a sleeping bag
  7. 13. A meal that is wrapped in foil and cooked or reheated on a grill or next to a campfire
  8. 14. a condition where your body loses more heat than its produces
  9. 16. An electronic device known as a global positioning unit that uses satellite triangulation to determine your longitude and latitude.
  10. 17. helps you to see better at night
  11. 21. What to do before you leave the campground
  12. 22. What to expect when you arrive at the campground
  13. 24. a spray or lotion that you apply to your skin or clothes to keep mosquitos and other bugs from biting you
  1. 1. A portable light with one or two mantels that are fueled by propane or some other fuel
  2. 2. Obnoxious plants that can cause a nasty skin rash
  3. 4. The ability to resist, but not completely repel, water
  4. 6. Used to cook meals on an outside grill
  5. 7. Excessive loss of water from the body
  6. 10. An iron ring with a grate used to contain campfires
  7. 11. Hiking into the backcountry with all of your gear on your back
  8. 15. A hooded water-repelling garment used for a raincoat
  9. 18. A campfire treat made by placing a piece of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow between two graham crackers
  10. 19. a severe form of heat illness caused by excessive heat dehydration
  11. 20. a coffee can used to boil water or cook food over a campfire
  12. 23. cuts up things and a weapon if needed