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  1. 2. phosphocreatine fuel availability and/or _____ acid build-up can cause fatigue in anaerobic exercise
  2. 4. _____-absorbing (low-moderate GI) food best consumed several hours prior to prolonged exercise for a sustained fuel source
  3. 6. indigestible carbohydrate containing zero kcals
  4. 9. simplest form of sugar - includes glucose, fructose, and galactose
  5. 10. _____ athletes can significantly increase glycogen storage compared to sedentary individuals
  6. 11. glycogen _____ is greatest when carbs are consumed immediately post-exercise
  7. 13. another term for glucose polymers
  8. 14. type of glycogen storage which is a readily available fuel source for working muscles
  9. 16. dissacharide composed of glucose + galactose (some people are unable to digest - known as ____ intolerance)
  10. 21. type of monosaccharide most likely to cause gastric distress during exercise
  11. 22. dissacharide composed of glucose + fructose (found in most forms of sugar)
  12. 23. macronutrient recommended for an athlete to consume ~ 60-70% of total kcals
  13. 25. slang term for cyclists who run out of fuel during exercise causing them to "crash"
  14. 26. carbohydrate-_____ a regimen to greatly increase the muscles with glycogen stores beyond normal for endurance events
  15. 27. storage form of glucose deposited in both liver and muscles
  1. 1. energy _____ are high-caffeine beverages which are very popular among teens & young adults that are not advised during exercise due to an enhanced increase in BP & heart rate
  2. 3. low blood glucose and/or low muscle glycogen stores can cause fatigue in _____ exercise
  3. 5. macronutrient to be consumed along with carbs post-exercise in a 3-4:1 ratio for optimal glycogen repletion
  4. 7. broad range of grams of carbohydrates per kg weight generally recommended for athletes
  5. 8. temperature of environment that can increase an athlete's reliance on carbs as a fuel source
  6. 12. energy _____ are small portable packets of high-GI carb fuel with a pudding-type texture that is easy to consume for refueling during exercise
  7. 14. dissacharide composed of glucose + glucose (found in beer)
  8. 15. _____-absorbing (high-GI) food best consumed during or after exercise
  9. 17. number of grams of carbohydrates to consume per hour of prolonged exercise after the first hour to prevent fatigue
  10. 18. type of carbohydrate containing one- ____ or more glucose units bonded together
  11. 19. type of glycogen storage which maintains blood glucose levels
  12. 20. decreased _____ effort may result via carb supplementation during exercise to benefit performance
  13. 24. carbohydrates are primary fuel metabolized at _____-intensity