Cardiovascular System

  1. 7. The system that transports materials to and from your cells
  2. 10. Pinch off parts of themselves and help reduce blood loss
  3. 12. Universal donors, can only receive Type O
  4. 13. Brings blood away from the heart
  5. 14. The noise your heart makes when the valves open and close
  6. 15. How many times your heart beats per minute
  1. 1. Fights diseases,bruises,or illnesses
  2. 2. The most abundant cells in blood and supplies your cells with oxygen
  3. 3. From the atria the blood gets pushed into the _______
  4. 4. Brings blood back to the heart
  5. 5. There are ______ chambers in the heart
  6. 6. Universal recipients, can only donate to themselves
  7. 8. Connects veins and arteries and is one cell thick
  8. 9. The organ that pumps blood and is the size of your fist
  9. 11. Receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and sends it to the ventricle