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Casa di Cavalieri

  1. 3. This unique and important aspect of Casa's culture allows members to visibly identify ranks.
  2. 5. Members preparing to join this rank tier must first perform a night's vigil.
  3. 9. Where Cavaliers gather to mourn the departed during the Ceremony of Stones. (2 wds)
  4. 11. Casa's ship, the Avalon, is of this type.
  5. 12. Outgoing, adventurous puppies are more likely to be sorted into this Youth rank.
  1. 1. The Purple ____ is given to Casa's youth during their Mentor ceremony.
  2. 2. The Five Shields is the only place where _______ consumption is permissible.
  3. 4. One of Casa's founding principles.
  4. 6. Intimidation and security are two expertises of this pNPC.
  5. 7. These are Casa's version of 'Soul's Catacombs.
  6. 8. Once the current pack project is complete, Casa will see the introduction of a brand-new ____.
  7. 10. Casa di Cavalieri recently turned a ______ old!