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¡ Celebration !

  1. 3. On someones birthday you say ....Birthday (spanish Word)
  2. 5. What you play at a party
  3. 7. these are what you call people you are close to (Spanish Word)
  4. 10. what you call people at party
  5. 11. Some people do not have a good voice for this (Spanish Word)
  6. 14. what people have to do all day to make food for a party
  7. 16. An emotion u get when you are surprised
  8. 18. You have a lot of theses at a party
  9. 20. People do this at a party (Spanish Word)
  10. 22. People do this to music (Spanish Word)
  11. 23. What you call someone whos had a little to much to drink (Spanish word)
  12. 24. Something you fill with candy and beat
  13. 25. When you don't want someone to know its called a ...
  1. 1. What you need to put drinks on
  2. 2. What you give someone at a party
  3. 4. What you eat at a party (Spanish word)
  4. 6. people dance to this (Spanish Word)
  5. 8. a Language they speak in Spain
  6. 9. A place where a party is held
  7. 12. Usually what you give out at a party
  8. 13. usually what you take to a party
  9. 15. The closest Spanish Speaking Country to the U.S.A
  10. 17. you put these up for a party (spanish Word)
  11. 19. What you put over to table to keep it clean
  12. 21. people hire theses to keep out unwanted guest