Cell Parts and Functions

  1. 2. How ATP is made in Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration
  2. 3. Everything is the cell floats in this
  3. 11. Vesicles within the cell that carry enzymes to digest endocytosed material
  4. 12. These Specialized Cytoskeleton elements manipulate chromosomes during cell division
  5. 14. the 'post office' (or UPS) of the cell
  6. 16. Autotrophs use this organelle to make sugar
  7. 18. The inner world of the cell is separated from the outside by this
  8. 19. Where the cell's genomic DNA is stored
  9. 20. Cells with membrane-bound organelles and linear Chromosomes
  10. 21. Where Photosynthesis occurs (specifically)
  1. 1. It's where Membrane and secreted proteins are made
  2. 4. The final Electron Acceptor in Cell Respiration
  3. 5. It works hard making ATP from NADH and FADH
  4. 6. These molecules make up the bulk of a Cell Membrane and give it its characteristics
  5. 7. Where Ribosomes are made
  6. 8. The inside of the membrane that does not like water
  7. 9. It's good to drink
  8. 10. These Enzymes do the translating
  9. 13. The type of cell that divides my Mitosis
  10. 15. is an information storage molecule carrying instructions from the Nucleus to be translated into protein
  11. 17. a type of protein that allows materials into and out of a Cell