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Cellular Transport and Organization

  1. 6. The chemical that stores energy in cells.
  2. 8. Respiration without Oxygen
  3. 14. The movement of cellular materials across the membrane.
  4. 17. A group of the same cells grouped together for survival.
  5. 19. Describes when two solutions are of similar concentration.
  6. 20. The process of taking substances into the cell by surrounding them with the membrane.
  7. 21. A group of cells working together to perform a function.
  8. 23. The simplest level of organization.
  9. 24. System made of bones, cartilage, ligaments and joints.
  10. 25. A product of photosynthesis
  11. 26. The point where the distribution of particles are evenly distributed.
  12. 27. The diffusion of water across a membrane.
  13. 28. Used to carry ions or molecules across the membrane.
  14. 29. Another product of anaerobic respiration-causes pain in muscles.
  15. 31. the process of converting light energy into glucose.
  16. 32. The random movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area low concentration.
  1. 1. A product of anaerobic respiration
  2. 2. Describes the relative high concentration of a solution.
  3. 3. The term for a solution of relatively low concentration.
  4. 4. System made of the Heart and blood vessels.
  5. 5. The term for water pressure that builds up in plant cells.
  6. 7. Type of organism made up of more than one type of cell.
  7. 9. Type of movement of materials that doesn't require any energy.
  8. 10. The process of releasing materials out of the cell, across the membrane.
  9. 11. Process of breaking down a sugar molecule into two Pyruvate molecules.
  10. 12. The cell membrane is made up of this type of molecule.
  11. 13. A collection of organs performing a major function.
  12. 15. System made of the lungs, trachea and bronchi.
  13. 16. The process through which cells become different types of cells.
  14. 18. An undifferentiated cell.
  15. 22. The type of diffusion that helps large molecules pass through the membrane.
  16. 27. A group of similar tissues working together to perform a function.
  17. 30. Transport that requires energy input.