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  1. 3. To draw or make lines in clay.
  2. 4. The process in which clay is heated in a kiln.
  3. 6. Breaking down dry clay in water and making new clay.
  4. 8. Clay objects that have yet to be fired.
  5. 9. A liquid form of clay used in casting and cementing.
  6. 11. Quality of clay that allows it to be manipulated.
  7. 12. Clay devoid of moisture, yet to be fired that is dry as
  1. 1. Glaze-free clay, fired the first time are this ware
  2. 2. Kneading clay so as to remove air pockets.
  3. 5. Glass-like chemicals adding colors to clay when fired.
  4. 7. A rope-like form of clay.
  5. 9. A flattened out piece of clay.
  6. 10. A furnace reaching extreme temperatures to harden clay.
  7. 12. A circular piece that attaches to a pottery wheel.