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Ch 1 Vocabulary

  1. 4. A(n) _____ is a comparison between an unknown quantity and a standard.
  2. 5. On a graph, the _____ is the line drawn as close as possible to all of the data points.
  3. 6. An explanation that is based on prior scientific research or observations and that can be tested
  4. 14. The _____ is the factor that is changed or manipulated during an experiment and graphed on the x-axis.
  5. 15. A description of how close a measurement is to the correct or accepted value of the quantity measured.
  6. 16. An experiment that tests only one factor at a time by using a comparison of a control group with an experimental group.
  1. 1. Those digits in a measurement that are known with certainty plus the first digit that is uncertain.
  2. 2. The study of matter and energy is _____.
  3. 3. A mathematical problem-solving method that utilizes conversion factors and treats units as algebraic quantities, which can be cancelled, is called _____.
  4. 7. A parabolic relationship that results when one variable depends on the square of another variable.
  5. 8. A straight line on a graph showing the relationship between two variables.
  6. 9. The degree of exactness of a measurement.
  7. 10. A pattern, plan, representation, or description designed to show the structure or workings of an object, system, or concept
  8. 11. A set of particles or interacting components considered to be a distinct physical entity for the purpose of study.
  9. 12. A hyperbolic relationship that exists when one variable decreases as the other variable increases.
  10. 13. The factor in an experiment that depends on the independent variable and graphed on the y-axis.