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Chapter 8: The Fundamentals of Investing

  1. 2. ___ capital is $ that a business gets from its owners in order to operate.
  2. 5. A ___ bond is a corporation's written pledge to repay a specified amount of money.
  3. 7. A ___ investment is a high-risk investment made in the hope of making a large profit in a short time.
  4. 9. Profits that are reinvested are called ___ earnings.
  5. 10. A ___ bond is the written pledge of a government or a municipality to repay a specified sum of $ with interest.
  1. 1. ___ stock is stock that provides the most basic form of corporate ownership & entitles you to voting privileges.
  2. 3. ____ liquidity is the ability to buy or sell an investment quickly without largely affecting its value.
  3. 4. ___ stock gives the owner the advantage of receiving cash dividends before common stockholders receive any.
  4. 6. These are distributions of $, stock, or other property that a corporation sometimes pays to stockholders.
  5. 8. An ___ fund is $ that you can access quickly for an immediate need.