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  1. 3. Two or more substances combined
  2. 4. A combination of symbols that represent a compound and the amount
  3. 6. One or two letters that represent an element
  4. 7. Pure substances formed by the combination of a metal and a non-metal
  5. 9. One type of matter
  6. 12. Arranged elements in the periodic table according to their properties
  7. 13. Subatomic particle with a positive electrical charge
  8. 15. In a chemical reaction the total mass of the reactants is equal to the total mass of the products
  9. 16. First chemistry text
  10. 19. Average mass of an element
  11. 20. A chemical reaction which absorbs heat energy
  12. 21. Cloudy mixture that cannot be separated
  13. 22. Number of protons an element has
  14. 24. Subatomic particle with a negative electrical charge
  15. 25. A new substance produced in a chemical reaction
  1. 1. Substance made up of only one type of matter
  2. 2. A substance that reacts with other substances in a chemical reaction
  3. 5. Pure substances formed by the combination of two non-metals
  4. 8. When two or more substances react to form a new substance
  5. 10. Cloudy mixture that can be separated
  6. 11. Two or more substances in which the different substances are easy to see
  7. 14. Two or more pure substances that look like one substance
  8. 17. Chemical combination
  9. 18. A chemical change which releases heat energy
  10. 23. Subatomic particle with no charge