Christmas Trivia Crossword

  1. 5. Plays Ernest P. Worrell in “Ernest Saves Christmas”
  2. 8. Merry Christmas in Spain
  3. 10. Country where “Silent Night” originated
  4. 13. Disney’s Ghost of Christmas Past cartoon character
  5. 14. Merry Christmas in Hawaii
  6. 15. Male co-star in “White Christmas”
  7. 18. Cherished item Alvin gave to a sick boy for Christmas
  8. 20. Christmas song written as a plea for peace during the Cuban missile crisis
  9. 24. The First Lady who wrote a Christmas Story
  10. 25. This Disney cartoon character has been a Christmas Eve staple in Sweden since 1959
  11. 28. Decade Coca-Cola began using Santa Claus in ads
  12. 32. Country where “The Nutcracker Ballet” first premiered
  13. 33. Country that started “Carols by Candelight”
  14. 34. KFC is the most popular Christmas meal in this country
  15. 35. Alternate title for “O Come, All Ye Faithul”
  16. 37. Actor who played six rolls in “The Polar Express”
  17. 38. This state holds the Guinness record for largest snowman
  1. 1. Voiced the Grinch in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” but most famous for playing Frankenstein’s monster
  2. 2. Decade NORAD began tracking Santa on Christmas Eve
  3. 3. Country that started the tradition of putting up Christmas trees
  4. 4. What Lucy wants for Christmas
  5. 6. This former retail store commissioned, published, and gave out Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  6. 7. This actor who played this character in “A Christmas Story” was also in “Elf”
  7. 9. Original name of the poem “The Night Before Christmas”
  8. 11. Merry Christmas in Italy
  9. 12. Popular Christmas song written to be for Thanksgiving (also first song broadcast from space)
  10. 16. Cromwell banished this in England
  11. 17. This TV station runs “A Christmas Story” 48 hours straight over Christmas
  12. 19. Highest grossing Christmas movie of all time
  13. 21. Material the first artificial Christmas trees were made of
  14. 22. Wintery last name of the poet who wrote “Christmas Tree”
  15. 23. Name of Jack Skellington’s dog
  16. 26. British Queen who helped popularize the Christmas
  17. 27. Male co-star in “White Christmas”
  18. 29. Bob Cratchet didn’t have this piece of winter clothing
  19. 30. Snowmans name in the song “Winter Wonderland”
  20. 31. Poinsettia’s native country
  21. 36. Explains the meaning of Christmas to his friends