CHStoday September Crossword

  1. 2. A festival which highlights the contributions of African-American and Caribbean cultures.
  2. 4. A 161-ft structure off of Folly Island.
  3. 6. An "agrihood" in Goose Creek unveiling new amenities.
  4. 9. The captain of this team, Andrew Cherniwchan just announced his retirement.
  5. 10. A new martini bar at 181 Church St., appropriately named after where a fox might sleep.
  6. 12. This restaurant with a doubly floral name is Free Reign's fourth restaurant around Charleston.
  7. 14. The festival to go to if you want to see Kinito Méndez the first weekend of October.
  8. 15. A pumpkin patch that's been in the biz since 1997.
  1. 1. A co-owner of Charleston-based company Volley Tequila Seltzer.
  2. 3. A boutique hotel with an avian name coming to Mount Pleasant’s Old Village neighborhood.
  3. 5. Tech company that helped fund the new CDC Learning Center.
  4. 7. A pickleball club at 3365 S. Morgans Point Rd. in Mt. Pleasant.
  5. 8. A royal name for the coastal water level that was caused by the gravitational pull of the Harvest Moon.
  6. 11. If you saw Dave Koz & Friends at the Gaillard Center recently, you likely went to this festival.
  7. 13. A local band with a surf documentary.