Church of the Brethren Colleges

  1. 2. The word Juniata is an Indian word for this English word.
  2. 5. This man wrote “Bridgewater Fair,” which is Bridgewater’s college song. He was also a Bridgewater graduate in 1899.
  3. 6. This college pioneered the first undergraduate Peace Studies program in the world.
  4. 7. This Brethren minister, educator, and author served as Manchester College’s president from 1911 to 1941. During his presidency, student enrollment from less than one hundred to more than six hundred, seven major buildings were constructed, and the college was regionally accredited in 1932.
  5. 9. I.N.H. Beahm served as the president twice during the early 1900s of this college located in Pennsylvania.
  6. 10. In 1992, the Bethany board approved to move the Seminary from Chicago, Illinois to this city in Indiana.
  7. 14. This Brethren institution was founded by Albert C. Wieand and Emanuel B. Hoff in October 1905.
  8. 15. This is the oldest building on Bridgewater’s current campus. It opened in September 1890 and it has a bell that athletic teams ring after a victory.
  9. 17. This was Bethany Theological Seminary’s first building to be erected. It was built on Van Buren St. in 1908.
  10. 19. This well-known member of the denomination taught at La Verne and Manchester for more than 45 years. She also established the Peace Studies Institute and Program in Conflict Resolution at Manchester in 1948.
  11. 21. McPherson was the first Brethren college to offer a curriculum in this subject.
  12. 22. This was the name of the Brethren college before it was renamed to La Verne in 1917.
  13. 23. This is Manchester University’s chapel which was built in 1961.
  14. 25. This pioneer in education within the denomination served as the first president of McPherson College from 1888 to 1896.
  1. 1. This school is the oldest existing college founded by the Brethren. Distinguished Brethren like James Quinter, Martin G. Brumbaugh, and Calvert Ellis have served as president of this school.
  2. 2. This is the surname of a cousin and two brothers (Andrew, Henry and John) who were advocates of education and started the first Brethren college.
  3. 3. This college from Illinois merged with Manchester College in 1932.
  4. 4. Elizabethtown opened on the third floor of this structure on November 13, 1900.
  5. 6. This Brethren college is the only college located between the Mississippi River and the Pacific slope.
  6. 8. Elizabethtown is the home of this internationally recognized scholarly research institute on Anabaptism and Pietism.
  7. 11. Lordsburg College, which later changed names, was originally housed in this former building.
  8. 12. This program at McPherson provides students with the opportunity to explore Kansas.
  9. 13. This distinguished musician and centenarian in the Brethren denomination was an 1885 Juniata alum and he was the head of the music department from 1888-1908.
  10. 16. This man founded the school that would later become known as Bridgewater College.
  11. 18. This school, formerly named the Spring Creek Normal School and the Virginia Normal School, attained its current name on May 27, 1891.
  12. 20. This man served as president in two Brethren colleges: McPherson College (1927-1941) and Manchester University (1941-1956).
  13. 24. Over the last 50 years, this Brethren college has expanded outside of its main campus to reach throughout Southern California by building regional campuses.