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Cinco De Mayo Celebration

  1. 4. Is cinco de mayo Mexico's independice day
  2. 6. How should the corn be cooked
  3. 8. What guacamole is made of
  4. 10. A common instrument used to dance on cinco de mayo
  5. 11. Made from flour, warm water, and salt
  6. 12. A normal cinco de mayo drink for adults
  7. 14. A traditional Mexican dessert
  8. 17. What is the last name of the general who led the Mexicans to victory
  9. 18. The middle color on the Mexican flag
  1. 1. Who did Mexico beat in the war that cinco de mayo is celebrated for
  2. 2. What battle did Mexico loose
  3. 3. A red vegetable used to make salsa
  4. 5. Generally hung up and beat with a stick
  5. 7. A fun activity for everyone
  6. 9. What people do on cinco de mayo
  7. 10. What are good bands to hire for cinco de mayo
  8. 12. Why did the french even attack Mexico
  9. 13. Hats worn on cinco de mayo
  10. 15. A good place to celebrate cinco de mayo in the U.S
  11. 16. The last name of the Mexican president at the time of the war