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  1. 1. Due to the resemblance in color, ______ is also known as fool’s gold. It’s used to fortify and strengthen the mind.
  2. 7. Well known for their pointed ends and translucency, ________ can be used to detect and rebalance blockages in the body.
  3. 8. A reflection of it’s name and color, __________ resonates with the energy of the ocean, and in ancient tales, was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. This is the stone to help you be in touch with your spiritual being, and is used in deep meditations.
  4. 11. A crystal healing master stone, especially when used on the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. _________ is often found in Native American jewelry.
  5. 15. Moldavites are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and the expansion of consciousness. Moldavite accelerates our inner growth and evolution, and are a catalyst for rapid and positive ______________ (positive change or metamorphosis).
  6. 16. Known as the “Genius Stone”, ________ increases concentration and brings clarity. This popular mineral is used by the chemical and ceramic industries. High-clarity pieces are used to make lenses for microscopes, telescopes, and cameras.
  7. 17. This bright yellow crystalline solid element detoxifies and absorbs negativity. However, it’s extremely toxic and should not be taken internally. In a gas form it’s known to smell like rotten eggs.
  8. 19. Said to be a powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement, and even the "stone of the Gods", this gem is commonly found in earrings, pendants, brooches and rings.
  9. 20. Notorious purple crystalline quartz that works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, and inner peace.
  10. 23. Although ______ is used for regeneration, healing, and manifestation, this red, semi-precious gemstone is also an abrasive mineral used to make sandpaper and toothpaste. It rhymes with darn it!
  11. 24. The sacred stone of the goddess Venus and the capital city in the fictional Land of Oz.
  12. 25. _____ Eye is used to focus the mind.
  1. 2. Agate is a stone of harmony that calms and balances the Yin and ____ energies.
  2. 3. Tourmaline diminishes fear, encourages self-confidence, enhances positive transformation, and builds a sense of ___________ (a sense of self-worth).
  3. 4. __________ helps to clear out and release the dense areas of the chakras (the body’s energy centers) so that healing can occur. Minus the last three letters, it’s a large mythological snake.
  4. 5. This power stone allows you to see through illusions and strengthens your intuition. Other than the last three letters, its name is also a popular “retriever” dog breed, known to be gentle, intelligent, and family-friendly.
  5. 6. Azurite is formed from the oxidation of copper ores, and has a transformative quality that enhances communication skills and _________ (an inner sense of knowing).
  6. 9. Bringing a highly valued gem of good fortune and success in love, the first half of it’s name is an astronomical body that lights up the sky when it’s full!
  7. 10. A purification stone. Its name is also a color midway between gold and orange.
  8. 12. The ________ stimulates your personal power of attraction. It’s name reflects it’s historical association with the star around which the earth orbits.
  9. 13. Citrine is a yellow-to-golden member of the quartz mineral group known as the lucky "________’s (Vendor’s) Stone".
  10. 14. Rose ______ opens the heart to love.
  11. 18. This naturally occurring volcanic glass shields you from negativity, aids in spirit contact, and stimulates the gift of prophecy. It’s most common color is black.
  12. 21. Azurite is known as the “Stone Of ______ (where angels dwell)”, and can help you reach great depths of spirituality.
  13. 22. This meditation and transformation stone rhymes with the name of a friendly ghost.