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Classic Movies

  1. 6. Stars Vivien Leigh as Blanche and Marlon Brando as Stanley
  2. 8. Stars Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly
  3. 10. Stars Vivien Leigh as a Southern Belle
  4. 12. Stars Gloria Swanson as a former silent film star
  5. 13. Stars Audrey Hepburn as a princess and Gregory Peck as the reporter following her
  6. 14. Stars Henry Fonda as a man on a jury deliberating reasonable doubt
  7. 17. Stars Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart during WWI
  8. 18. Stars Humphrey Bogart searching for gold in Mexico
  9. 24. Stars Gene Kelly as an American painter
  10. 27. Stars James Dean as a troubled teen
  11. 29. Stars Marlon Brando as a dockworker
  12. 30. Stars Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms as teens who struggle to escape a dead-end town
  13. 31. Stars Natalie Wood, and the Sharks and the Jets
  1. 1. Stars Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate
  2. 2. Stars Jack Nicholson as a private investigator hired by Faye Dunaway to follow her husband
  3. 3. Stars Julie Andrews as a nun-turned-governess
  4. 4. Stars Marlon Brando as a mafia don
  5. 5. Stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in WWII Morocco
  6. 7. About the construction of the Burma Railway
  7. 9. Stars Bette Davis as an aging star with a devoted fan
  8. 11. About three US servicemen re-adjusting to civilian life after WWII
  9. 15. Gene Tierney stars in the title role as a murdered woman
  10. 16. Stars Judy Garland as a girl whisked away from her family farm in Kansas
  11. 19. Stars Omar Sharif as a physician during the Russian Revolution
  12. 20. Stars Sean Connery as 007 who tries to foil a plan to raid Fort Knox
  13. 21. Stars Fred MacMurray as a square insurance man
  14. 22. Stars Peter O’Toole as T.E. Lawrence
  15. 23. The 1954 version stars Judy Garland and James Mason
  16. 25. Stars Cary Grant who plans to meet Deborah Kerr at the top of the Empire State Building
  17. 26. Stars Gene Kelly as a dancer trying to survive the transition to “talkies”
  18. 28. Stars Jimmy Stewart as a lawyer representing a man accused of murder