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Clothing Unit 1

  1. 2. illusion visual impression used to emphasize or minimize a body feature
  2. 3. the outline or the outer shape of an object
  3. 5. lines lines formed as the pieces of a garment are sewn together
  4. 8. of design tools such as (line, form, space, texture, color)
  5. 11. the shape of a particular item of clothing that makes it easy to recognize
  6. 13. consisting of one color and its tints and shades
  7. 15. a color scheme using three colors an equal distance apart on the color wheel
  8. 16. fashions that are popular for a short time
  9. 18. cycle the decline and return of a specific style
  10. 19. lines lines added to a garment
  11. 20. complimentary a color scheme using one color with the two colors on either side of its compliment
  12. 21. colors three colors from which all other colors are made (red, yellow, blue)
  1. 1. colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel
  2. 4. color color made by combining equal amounts of a primary and secondary color
  3. 6. a person who uses goods and services
  4. 7. of design guidelines for working with the elements of design (balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm, harmony)
  5. 9. wheel a chart that shows the relationship of colors or hues
  6. 10. colors color made by combining equal amounts of two primary colors
  7. 12. colors directly across from each other on the color wheel
  8. 14. clothing styles that remain in fashion a long time
  9. 17. shape how the body is proportioned according to geometric shapes