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CMAA crossword puzzle 2

  1. 1. A medical administrative assistant is preparing a patient's medical record and realizes that another patient has the same name. Which of the following information should the assistant confirm to select the correct record?
  2. 6. When mailing a reminder letter to a patient, a medical administrative assistant should classify the mail as which of the following?
  3. 7. According to OSHA, a facility must have a written emergency action plan in place if it has more than how many employees?
  4. 9. the Medicare and medicaid programs are overseen by which of the following agencies?
  5. 11. which of the following agencies creates immunization schedules?
  6. 13. A medical administrative assistant should understand that urgent care centers typically use which of the following types of scheduling?
  7. 16. When reviewing a patient's history and records, a medical administrative assistant should identify which of the following acronyms as a setting for medical and nursing care?
  8. 19. a medical administrative assistant in a providers office receives a telephone call from an established patient who reports that she has an onset of palpitations. the assistant should expect to schedule which of the following services for the patient?
  9. 20. Which of the following government-sponsored health programs has eligibility requirements and benefits that vary widely from state to state?
  10. 21. A provider did not obtain informed consent from a patient who was coherent before surgery. The provider can be charged with which of the following torts?
  11. 22. A patient calls the office to request a refill of her oral contraceptive tablets. Which of the following abbreviations should the medical administrative assistant use to refer to the prescription?
  12. 23. OSHA requires providers to train employees on updated policies how often?
  13. 24. Which of the following stipulates that a patient may be charged for copies of her medical record?
  1. 2. A patient has inflammation of knee from overuse. Which of the following terms describes this patients condition?
  2. 3. When reviewing incoming mail, the practice of underlining significant words and phrases during sorting is called
  3. 4. a medical administrative assistant is ensuring that a patient's medical record includes the necessary demographic information. which of the following data should the assistant verify as part of the patient's demographics?
  4. 5. A provider charges more for a covered service than an insurance carrier allows. Which of the following outcomes should the medical administrative assistant expect?
  5. 8. A medical assistant in a family laboratory reports, that are essential practice office routinely makes calendar notations to follow before a patient's next visit. Which of the following file organization up on data, such as methods is the assistant using?
  6. 10. a provider prescribes surgically puncturing a patients lung to remove fluid. which of the following suffixes applies to this procedure?
  7. 12. a medical administrative assistant confirms that a new patient has Medicare and his annual deductible has been met. which of the following percentage is patients responsibility
  8. 14. a medical administrative assistant reviewing a patients record of operative procedures for a recent surgery. The assistant should understand that the term "dilate" means which of the following?
  9. 15. when a patient completes and signs the assignment of benefits form, he is agreeing that the payment for covered services will go to which of the following parties?
  10. 17. a medical administrative assistant should understand that rhinoplasty is the surgical repair of which of the following?
  11. 18. A medical administrative assistant schedules two patients at the beginning of each hour, one patient 20 min after the beginning of each hour, and no patients in the second half of each hour. Which of the following types of scheduling is the assistant using?
  12. 21. a medical administrative assistant should identify which of the following acronyms as a health insurance plan?