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Color Theory

  1. 2. when a layer of paint completely covers another.
  2. 4. colors made by mixing a primary and a secondary color.
  3. 6. painting technique when you mix two colors next to each other smoothly.
  4. 7. a brush that holds a large quantity of fluid paint.
  5. 13. colors that sit side-by-side on the color wheel.
  6. 17. color scheme that combines a hue and the hues on each side of its complement. (2 words)
  7. 20. color scheme with colors across each other on the color wheel.
  8. 23. a light value of a hue
  9. 24. the brightness or dullness of a color.
  10. 25. a brush used for centuries by artists; good for lines.
  11. 26. when artist ignores the real colors and makes a color choice to support personal preference and meaning.
  12. 28. element of art derived from reflected light.
  13. 31. second most used color in a painting.
  14. 32. name of a color in the spectrum.
  1. 1. a plan to organizing colors from color wheel. (2 words)
  2. 3. a paint brush shaped like a fan.
  3. 5. colors made by mixing primary colors.
  4. 8. a dark value of a hue
  5. 9. a brush that is rounded at the top.
  6. 10. the amount of light a color reflects.
  7. 11. using very thick paint to stand up in a textural way.
  8. 12. the color which is used most often in a painting.
  9. 14. painting a transparent color over another layer.
  10. 15. the workhorse of brushes, versatile, chisel edge, wide strokes.
  11. 16. painting technique in which a gradient is created through scrubbing a slightly dry brush.
  12. 18. painting technique where a brush has very little paint and creates scratchy texture.
  13. 19. colors not found on the color wheel such as black, white, grey.
  14. 21. color scheme using only one hue with its tints and shades.
  15. 22. a small about of color used to draw attention to a key area in a painting.
  16. 27. term for a "see-through" paint
  17. 29. color scheme using three colors spaced equally apart.
  18. 30. the spectrum bent into a circle.(2 words)