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Color Theory Review

  1. 1. monochromatic color scheme lacks this
  2. 3. these colors are evenly spaced on the color wheel
  3. 6. the only color not analogous in this group: green, blue, blue-purple, purple
  4. 8. monochromatic color scheme is also described as being…
  5. 9. this is how many colors should dominate in complimentary color schemes
  6. 10. colors these colors should not be used as background colors
  7. 12. this color scheme is made up of just one color
  8. 13. how many colors make up an analogous color scheme
  9. 14. Reds, yellows and these are all part of the warm color scheme
  10. 15. what shape triadic colors make on the color wheel
  11. 16. This is how many colors are in the warm color scheme
  12. 17. this is yellow’s complimentary color
  13. 19. Blues, greens and these are all part of the cool color scheme
  14. 20. this is how many colors should be accents in the triadic color scheme.
  1. 1. make you feel more calm
  2. 2. monochromatic is made up of one color plus what?
  3. 4. these colors are opposite each other on the color wheel
  4. 5. this is yellow-orange’s complimentary color
  5. 7. all colors share a color in this color sheme
  6. 11. is the third color in the triad with yellow-orange and blue-green
  7. 18. when mixed together, complimentary colors make this color