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Color Vocabulary 1

  1. 2. Family of reds through the oranges and yellows
  2. 5. A tool for organizing colors that shows the spectrum bent
  3. 6. A great difference between colors, one light, one dark for example
  4. 9. Colors produced by mixing two primary colors
  5. 10. blue green and red sensitive body parts
  6. 11. Two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel
  7. 13. Choice of colors
  8. 15. Saturation and sometimes brightness of color
  9. 19. Tendency to see the hue of an object as staying the same despite changes in the color of the light falling on it.
  10. 21. The common name of a color
  11. 22. Color mixing of light
  12. 24. Color that has lightness but no hue or saturation
  13. 25. color theorist and originator who created a 3D model of a color wheel
  14. 26. Family of greens through blues and violets
  1. 1. Saturation or Intensity or color
  2. 3. Return of some or all of the wavelengths of light that strike a surface
  3. 4. The purity of color
  4. 7. Colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel
  5. 8. First man to propose a circle of color
  6. 12. A single hue with tints and shades
  7. 14. The addition of black to a color
  8. 16. The addition of white to a color
  9. 17. Colors cannot be produced by combining other colors.
  10. 18. Wavelengths of hues
  11. 20. Color mixing of pigments
  12. 21. Aesthetically pleasing color combination
  13. 23. Lightness and darkness of a color