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Composition no.8

  1. 2. Watered down paint effect, goes from a bright colour to faded
  2. 4. A term used to describe several types of “media” put together
  3. 5. Your shapes …..with other shapes on your page
  4. 8. When you apply colour/pattern to alternative sections
  5. 10. Another word for fact
  6. 11. Name of the inspirational artist for this project
  7. 12. A line that cuts through shapes
  8. 14. Happens to objects/shapes when they move on your page
  9. 17. Something you apply to your images to decorate them
  1. 1. A collection of objects (shapes or patterns) placed together
  2. 3. Another word for opinion
  3. 6. If something appears again and again it is…..
  4. 7. Patterns or shapes that don’t suit, such as triangles and circles
  5. 9. Patterns or shapes that go well with each other
  6. 13. Term to describe a mirrored image of the original
  7. 15. Triangles, circles, squares etc
  8. 16. A way of describing something that’s has several lines