1. 2. .Contains (last name, first name, MI, Address, Tel no)
  2. 3. .is a box movable to any part of the worksheet.
  3. 4. . is a command line that appears either above or below the main ribbon tabs.
  4. 6. .defines the location of each cell in a worksheet.
  5. 10. .It is a group of three buttons arranged at the left of the Zoom control, close the right-bottom of the screen.
  6. 14. .They are the top section of the Ribbon and contain groups of related commands.
  7. 16. .This makes it easy to solve complex functions thus increasing the efficiency in programming.
  8. 22. .This is a very small down arrow located in the lower-right corner of a command group on the Ribbon.
  9. 24. .displays and analyzes text and numbers in rows and columns.
  10. 25. . a folder or box for holding loose papers that are typically arranged in a particular order for easy reference.
  11. 26. .allows user to create a pool of data that can be further manipulated.
  12. 27. . There are a series of elements that are part of each menu bar.
  13. 30. .This bar located at the bottom of the window which shows very important information.
  14. 31. .manipulates a list of information and displays graphical representation.
  15. 32. .is a single box in a worksheet.
  16. 33. .It is a bar that allows you to observe, insert or edit the information/formula entered in the active cell.
  17. 35. .It allows you to ZOOM-IN or ZOOM-OUT a particular area of ​​the spreadsheet.
  18. 38. .can be used to create lists of information grouped together as records.
  19. 39. .This displays the Excel page in normal view.
  20. 40. .Those are the tools that allow you to mobilize both the vertical and horizontal view of the document.
  1. 1. .It presents the name of the active document .a piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record.
  2. 2. .This menu do file related operation, i.e., create new excel documents, open an existing file, save, save as, print file, etc.
  3. 5. .This displays the exact view of Excel’s page as they will be printed.
  4. 7. .a database contains the name category of each field per column.
  5. 8. .what is our subject
  6. 9. .is a file that exists of cells in rows and columns and can help arrange, calculate and sort data.
  7. 11. . They appear within each group as mentioned above.
  8. 12. .This package plays a very important role in graphing as it can produce a variety of different charts, which may be used by different departments to represent statistical data in more visual way.
  9. 13. .labels or bars that allow modifying the sheet are displayed.
  10. 15. .is the cell where you can currently enter information. An active cell displays a thicker border.
  11. 17. .It is the working area where you enter your data.
  12. 18. .displays and analyzes text and numbers in rows and columns.
  13. 19. .a database is a field representing a common data element in records.
  14. 20. .Data is raw, unprocessed information, which needs to be stored in a systematic and organized manner.
  15. 21. .Another name for rows
  16. 23. .Another name for coulms
  17. 28. .This shows page break preview before printing.
  18. 29. .They organize related commands; the name of each group appears below the Ribbon.
  19. 34. . in excel are rectangular tabs visible on the bottom left of the excel workbook, the active tab shows the active worksheet available to edit, by default
  20. 36. .They are those symbols in the upper-right of the window that allows you to modify the labels, minimize, maximize, share and close the sheet.
  21. 37. .another name for toolbar