1. 1. data values for every column stored in rows
  2. 4. collection of elements and procedures
  3. 5. refers to a single electronic document found in WWW
  4. 9. main controlling program of PC
  5. 12. performs fundamental services like security and identification
  6. 13. list of information that isn’t necessarily related to any other list on database
  7. 19. a C2C website that specialize in buying and selling of handmade and vintage items
  8. 20. most common type of enterprise wide system
  9. 21. when two or more network are mixed together
  10. 22. coputer program built-in to PC’s hardware
  11. 25. storehouse for collection of computerized data files
  12. 26. standard set of specifications for internet application that run on handheld wireless device
  13. 27. trusted third party organization or company that issues digital certificate
  14. 30. smallest portable storage device
  15. 31. relies on use of wireless device
  16. 33. a type of printer that prints across papers, that leaves dots on papers
  17. 36. one of the two major objectives of system analysis
  18. 38. ongoing process, beginning when system is fully implemented and continuing until end of system file
  19. 45. convenient way of sending electronic messages
  20. 47. also known as desktop camera
  21. 49. statement used to retrieve data from a table
  22. 50. contains multiple webpage, first page usually serving as homepage
  23. 51. ensures that only unique values can be assigned in each row for that field
  1. 2. component that supplies power to computer
  2. 3. statement used for updating data in existing files
  3. 6. one of the three broad classes of users
  4. 7. statement used for deleting data in existing files
  5. 8. program that enable people to perform everyday task accurately and proficiently
  6. 10. focus on specifying what system will look like
  7. 11. instructs the hardware of PC to do its work
  8. 14. identifier for computer on device in a TCP/IP network
  9. 15. basic requirement for internet access that includes an account with an ISP, computer, Internet application software, modem etc.
  10. 16. used to secure sensitive data
  11. 17. relationship between programs running on separate machines in computer network
  12. 18. people who uses information system for strategic decisions
  13. 23. large wide area network created by US department of defense in 1969
  14. 24. main input device for computers
  15. 28. integrate entire company or enterprise
  16. 29. disk drive reads information from very thin disk called floppy disk
  17. 32. small, high-speed memory are placed between processors and system memory
  18. 33. normally made of characters or labels that is usually separated by dots.
  19. 34. main output device of computer
  20. 35. short for modulator demulator
  21. 37. standard interactive programming language for getting information from and updating to a database
  22. 39. program that searches document for particular keyword and returns list of documents
  23. 40. brain of computer
  24. 41. where B2B, B2C, C2C and e-commerce is used that includes couponing
  25. 42. simplifies sharing of information
  26. 43. translate movement of plastic stick into electronic info that the computer can process
  27. 44. removable storage device that securely stores computer data magnetically
  28. 46. single website that offers many products and services at one internet location
  29. 48. customers can check balances of their savings, checking and loan accounts